Hi-Note Productions has been a great creative space for many projects, clients and friends. Started in San Francisco by Gil Doyle in 1992, Hi-Note has produced many radio spots, music for TV commercials, commercial jingles, training videos and a multitude of other voice over and musical productions. After a 17 year live-newscast audio career at NBC Bay Area, Gil is back doing what he does best; writing and producing music. No stranger to Video capture and editing, Gil has produced music videos and training courses from capture to CD, DVD, web or download. A veteran of many San Francisco Bay Area musical groups, Gil has toured the U.S., Japan, the Phillipines and recorded with Dick Bright, Bruce Baum, The Toons, George Whitsell and was a founding member of the great S.F. based band Fat City. An accomplished guitarist and classically trained vocalist, Gil has the skills and gear to take your project to the next level. Check out his latest album Easy Street available December 19, 2019 on iTunes, Google Play, AmazonMP3, iHeartRadio and many more outlets.
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Kelly Haworth and Stonehenge Circle Writers recently recorded their first Audiobook The Servants and the Beast to be released December 23, 2019.
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